Sales Lists & Leads For Sale

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Targeted Lists and Marketing Lead Databases For Sale

Every business needs good marketing data, leads, and sales lists. has been in the lead gen. and list sales business since 2002 using the name LeadBull and has been in the list sales business since 1998. We have TONS of unique targeted and niche data for sale.


Check Out Some Of Our Lists & Data:


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Remove Rip Off Reports

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How To Remove A Rip Off Report ( complaint

If you have a ripoff report complaint showing up high on Google and you are thinking about hiring a reputation management service to help you “Remove It” – Let me warn you and share my experience with you! I have worked with 3 BIG Reputation Management Companies 2 of them are now out of business because they could not keep the ripoff report complaints gone for their clients. I still from time to time work for people one on one on a small scale to help them remove ripoff reports and complaints from Google and other websites.

I use permanent tactics with a mix of temporary fixes. I am being straight up with you when I say this: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME AND MONEY (OR LOTS OF MONEY) to invest in getting rid of online complaints like Ripoff Reports then just leave them there. No matter what you will have to buy links, content, pages, domains, listings, Premium Listings, Accounts, Pay Bloggers, and more to bury or hide a ripoff report. The bottom line is I can guide you through the process or handle it A-Z for you.

There are many ways to deal with online complaints and bad links on Google – and I know them all. I can be hired by the week, by the job, and on consulting terms. My last client paid me $500 a week for 3 months and took over from there and is complaint free. I have had clients pay $15000.00 all at once to have something removed or hidden forever. It all depends on what you want or need and where you are listed.




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Get More 5 Star Reviews On Google

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How To Get More 5 Star Google Reviews

Have a bad star rating on Google, FaceBook, or online in general? There are many places online that you can get reviews from customers, Google and Facebook seem to be the most visible. Other sites include Yellow Page Review sites. There are many Yellow Pages sites online these days and a handful that actually rank well and matter to your business. The Top Yellow Pages sites include: Superpages, Citysearch, Manta, Merchant Circle, InsiderPages,,, YellowBot, YellowBook and many more. Some sites are not technically “Yellow Page Sites” but are still referred to as one like and’s Business Directory.

Do Want More 5 Star Reviews?

It is a sad fact that not many people (Dare We Say No  One) goes out of their way to say good things about businesses online. Usually an online review is motivated by anger or some sort of negative emotion, thus resulting in a negative online review. You can ask people that you work with to leave a review for you hundreds of times and only get 1 or 2 reviews. People are busy and just do not understand that these good reviews can help you grow and sometimes save your business.

There is a service online called FiveYellow that can help you get more 5 star reviews. By posting 3rd party reviews on your Google, FaceBook, and Yellow page listings in a safe and confidential manner. Work with the review team at FiveYellow. Get dozens of positive reviews within a few weeks. This will increase your star rating and local listings rank on Google. Every review you get will help boost visibility of your online listings and get your local listings on Google to rank higher and show up more often. Hiring a service help you with your online reputation is very common these days. The benefits of using a review service or reptation company go way beyond just making your company look better and more trustworthy. You will get more business, rank higher on search, get more good reviews, and be less stressed.


• Your Star Rating Goes Up (Looks Good)
• Increases Trust
• Will Bury/Hide BAD Reviews (Repair)
• Your “G” listing will show up more
• You will rank higher on search
• Get More Calls/Business (Profits)
• Attracts More Positive Reviews (Social)
• You will get more Recommendations
• You Can Hold Your Head High.
• You Will Not Be Embarrassed By Bad Reviews!

For more details on FiveYellow – Visit them online at 



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$1.00 Credit Repair Leads Semi-Exclusive Fresh Lead

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$1.00 Credit Repair Leads For Sale

Need fresh credit repair leads that are honest decent leads. Our $1.00 lead program is making people money in the credit repair industry. Min order 500 leads – Take them all at one time or break them up in to lots of 125 leads per week. Buy 500-5000 leads per month only $1 per lead. Fresh prospects that NEED credit repair. Our leads are good and we guarantee connectivity on phone numbers or we replace them!

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Local SEO Gets More Local Leads

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Yext Alternative and Local SEO – Google Places + Maps!

Local SEO (Search engine optimization) and the entire SEO landscape has changed rapidly over the past 5-7 years. If you have not adapted to these changes on your own or hired a professional or savvy “seo” service to help you, your website ranking and local map pack (google places) listings will fall off and be outranked and semi-worthless.

Real local seo drives real customers to your business, phone, and website. Leads that come from local seo convert at a higher rate, they have instant trust in you (being local), and the cost per lead is cheaper than other marketing platforms (like PPC and Banner Ads).

“You Must Be Listed In The Top 3 in The “MAP PACK” on Google. Look at the image below. Google used to have 5 Map pack spots, now they have only 3 spots! You need to be listed in these top 3 spots locally to get any noticeable business, sales, or leads from Google local SEO tactics. “local-seo

















Mobile phone searches and mobile searches make up a MAJOR % of searches these days so your website needs to be VERY mobile friendly. Google can tell if our website is “responsive” as in displays properly and differently on certain devices. Having a mobile friendly version or mobile friendly site is a must. Just getting listed on Google is not enough and using an automated listing service is not as effective as old fashioned  manual optimized listings. This is where you want to hire an SEO and marketing team that knows the lay of the land and can get you actually results in regards to ranking locally for keywords that make BUSINESS happen. One such service is Tarp Media which is a very detail oriented SEO team that will blow your mind with the ideas and tricks they have. It is almost like they work at Google due to the fact that they have manipulated Google in such a ay as to almost control the outcome of local search results.

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New Free Locksmith Directory Launched

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New Locksmith Directory – Local locksmiths are always in the need of advertising and marketing ideas. Generating fresh live locksmith lead calls and leads is tough in these competitive markets. has launched a free online web directory available to local locksmiths that are looking for a great way to boost SEO and search engine placement. A niche directory listing counts as a targeted industry specific citation that will boost your local Google listings and other online listings.

Grab Your Free Listing at  






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Looking For Aged Debt Leads?

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Aged Debt Leads For Sale

We have a huge database of aged debt leads. We are talking about 9 Million from the past few years and many recent aged leads. Get debt leads in many states or a few. Get state specific debt leads.


We have aged debt leads in the following states:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,  Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania,    Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


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Loan Modification Leads

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Loan modification leads that close – These are the best alternative to buying real-time loan mod leads and “fresh” leads. Check out the offer below. Get recent or aged leads at a fraction of the cost of “fresh” leads. A fresh lead is good, but a good lead is better. This is a new un-tapped source that is releasing some killer data and leads to us to broker and we know you will kill it with these leads. Try us out – 50 cent – $2.00 per lead. Low risk!

aged loan modification leads

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Aged Loan Modification Leads

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New Loan Modification Lead Source un-tapped first time offered in Nov. 2016

Loan modification leads are hard  to generate in the saturated market we find ourselves in. We have a constant weekly flow of loan modification leads that we can sell you. Our available loan modification leads include Aged 30-90 Day Old leads, Recent 7-10 Day Old leads, and Follow-Up Leads 3-5 days old. These are all phone verified or e-verified, compliant 100% opt-in leads that have been generated online using click to call or web based form aggregation techniques. Our leads are real people that need real help! They are ready to do business or are actively seeking help from your competition. These are great leads at a fraction of the cost of “fresh” leads. A fresh lead is not always the best lead. We have seen higher closing ratios on some of our “recent” leads and aged leads! Costs range from 50 Cent – $2 per lead. Quantity orders get the best price.

aged loan modification leads

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LOL! Threatens READ ME

Posted on September 6, 2016 By Was Here Before – responds to threatening phone call from

So I get a voicemail from Chris at (Nice Name) – Chris goes on about how we are trying to appear to be them or look like them or copy them. LOL – So laughable. Now I am sure LeadBully is a good leadgen company but they do not seem to be savvy on Internet or Business law. If there were a conflict or complaint it would be ours. Why does leadbully think they can “Bully” the ancient, old, original LEADBULL??

Lets look at the facts. started selling leads in 2003 using the name LeadBull an images of a bull as their logo/mascot. In 2003 was registered and launched as THE FIRST (of 3) cherrypick systems online. Our concept of the name is our intellectual property and we have solid proof of having the name WAY WAY before the leadbully website which was registered/created in 2009 (after the domain dropped from a 2007 registration). We have maintained and active website of some form since 2003 on our domain and started with the name/leads/and the bull – LEADBULLY you copied us and we did not care. I am sure you first idea was to register and teh next best thing was to throw a Y on the end of it..LOL.

Here the LeadBull and LeadBully whois information which shows who came up with the name and concept first: Concept in 2003 – OVER 13 Years Ago!


Now Here is LeadBully’s Whois with a 2009 Creation date: (6 Years After 6 Years!

You can also see that the domain was registered by another party before them then the domain expired and the picked it up in 2009. S not only did not come up with the concept before us the current registrant got the idea 3 levels down 2nd hand from an expied domain in 2009? Point is LEADBULL was the first to use a Bull logo the name leadbull and we had 30,000 registered members and 9,000 active paying customers weekly back in 2003-200? – We now just broker a little data and leads.



Now Check out Leadbull on the internet archives wayback machine:



Now Look at’s Archives – Really only went online in 2010!


ANY intellectual property, TM, Copy, Internet/Domain Attorney would agree that was established first as  lead business. So please please threaten me further LEADBULLY – LEADBULL might not be as big as it was a few years back but 30,000 registered members then remember we were here first.

I am sure you are a good hard working company and that you did not mean to leave me a rude threatening message, but here is the real deal… You came in to the game after we played it for many years with our concept of leadbull and you stole our likeness and our name in the name industry we were in and if anyone has a claim it is us and if you would like us to pursue the issue on our end and prove lossed based off your use of our name we can certainly go that route. Those 30,000 members left us with nice legal representation and resources we will gladly dispose on principle.

Leadbully! LOL – Please…

What do your think? Who was here first?

If they want the name so bad why not offer to buy it???

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