Why Use Aged Mortgage Leads

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Aged mortgage leads can increase your sales by 200% or more.

Aged mortgage leads have tons of benefits. Think about it for a minute, how can an aged (older) mortgage lead bring you more actual closings? Simply put aged mortgage leads are still mortgage leads! These are homeowners that in the not so distant past filled out an online form in order to receive a mortgage quote. Many times these leads never got serviced or fizzled out in the process and still need help!

There are more factors with aged mortgage leads that make them a great choice for your mortgage sales and marketing campaigns. Here are a few things about aged leads that you should think about:

  • ¬†Aged leads have active email addresses and high connectivity on phone numbers because most people keep the same cell phone number these days for years!
  • Aged leads own a home and their rates are usually high enough in today’s market that you can save them money, thus landing a deal.
  • Many aged mortgage leads never got service from the first wave of calls or they got overwhelmed and gave up on service. You can come in last and win the deal. Being first in line to sell a mortgage deal is not always the best position. The last man in line gets to undercut and offer more to the homeowner, you get the advantage of hearing what others have told the borrower.
  • Aged leads are cheap and considered a disposable lead – if they are a dud just move on and you wont be losing much money.
  • You can buy aged leads in bulk and email or use an autodialer system or voice broadcasting system to contact them quickly. Services like SendGrid and CallFire work well.
  • Aged mortgage leads have great targeted data like location (geographic), credit grade, loan type, rate, LTV, Home Value and more!

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