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How To Remove A Rip Off Report ( complaint

If you have a ripoff report complaint showing up high on Google and you are thinking about hiring a reputation management service to help you “Remove It” – Let me warn you and share my experience with you! I have worked with 3 BIG Reputation Management Companies 2 of them are now out of business because they could not keep the ripoff report complaints gone for their clients. I still from time to time work for people one on one on a small scale to help them remove ripoff reports and complaints from Google and other websites.

I use permanent tactics with a mix of temporary fixes. I am being straight up with you when I say this: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME AND MONEY (OR LOTS OF MONEY) to invest in getting rid of online complaints like Ripoff Reports then just leave them there. No matter what you will have to buy links, content, pages, domains, listings, Premium Listings, Accounts, Pay Bloggers, and more to bury or hide a ripoff report. The bottom line is I can guide you through the process or handle it A-Z for you.

There are many ways to deal with online complaints and bad links on Google – and I know them all. I can be hired by the week, by the job, and on consulting terms. My last client paid me $500 a week for 3 months and took over from there and is complaint free. I have had clients pay $15000.00 all at once to have something removed or hidden forever. It all depends on what you want or need and where you are listed.




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