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How To Get More Locksmith Calls and Leads

We have many friends and clients in the locksmith business and many of them have shared exactly what they need as far as leads and phone calls go. Obviously a locksmith can not use “internet leads” that do not make an instant connection with the locksmith. Most of the money making leads are calls from people that need a locksmith for an urgent or emergency locksmith service, so the leads must connect directly with a locksmith or they will simply call someone else. This is where our locksmith lead pay per call leads system comes in to play. You pay for lead calls, direct calls to YOUR phone which are tracked by our VOIP routing phone numbers. We currently generate hundreds of calls a day in many areas  and we can apply our method to your service area right away and start getting you local calls.

Benefits of our pay per call locksmith leads:

  • Never worry about your Google Maps (Google MyBusiness Listing) fluctuating or going offline.
  • No need for a Google PPC (Pay Per Click) account that is a drain on your profits without guaranteed calls.
  • No worries of competitors snipping your leads or web traffic from you – We will work with you exclusively in your area.
  • Let us handle your entire locksmith internet marketing campaign! We have tons of proven tricks to get you more calls.
  • We track all calls so you know how many calls we help you get daily.
  • All calls come directly to you – no middle man!
  • You are only charged for real calls – never pay for hang-ups or out of service area call.
  • Activate VM (Message Catcher) if you miss the call they can leave an urgent call back request and that message is texted to you immediately.
  • Target service lead types like lock-outs for automotive or home lock-outs or lock changes etc… Get call types you like.
  • Work with a smaller company like us that needs and wants your business and will work hard for you. We may be a small company but we do get better results for your money than any of our larger alternative competition.
  • We are unique in that we use methods others don’t so you will get locksmith service calls from non competitive sources.

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  1. dan says:

    Locksmith pay per call leads are a great option for us. We use a pay per call lead service now and plan on testing out these leads – we will let ya know how it goes.

  2. Tommy H. says:

    Pay per call leads are pretty good. I get 2 or 3 new service calls a day here in Virginia. Leads are useless if thy do not call you directly TOO MUCH locksmith competition out there. Need more business always!

  3. Kayl says:

    Is there any publication of tips for locksmith advertising other than online I need more calls and want to build my business. It is hard to advertise to people that need you now.

    • admin says:

      The best advertising methods are online Kayl – You can also make some business card magnets and cards or pens and pass them out to local gas stations grocery stores retail shopping centers malls and more. Getyour name out there. Try networking with security at malls and such also

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