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Aged debt leads are very responsive and  actually carry a high contact and closing ratio considering they are “Aged” (Older) leads. If you consider the fact that when you buy really good legit fresh internet debt leads you normally ON THE HIGH END OF THE SCALE  may close 10% of them, then you would agree that aged debt leads contain 90% unclosed or unserviced prospects, that gives you a large file of unclosed debt leads that still need a service like yours. When you factor in a few bad phone numbers and invalid leads the numbers are still in your favor.

Internet Debt leads are formatted perfectly for both phone and email marketing and are all 100% opt-in and compliant. We even verify email addresses on all of our lead data to increase your closing ratio, some providers like Gmail accounts are hard to verify but carry a high contact ratio because Gmail accounts do not expire easily.

Lets look at a real world figure/scenario on possible closing ratios using or aged debt leads.

You buy 10,000 Aged Debt Leads Out of 10,000 leads 8000 of them receive and email from you You get a conservative 2% response ratio (160 Prospects Respond) You get 120 of these prospects on the phone You close Only 5% Of these prospects You sold 6 deals with an investment of under $299.00

This is a very “doable” scenario and I have seen this exact formula play out and better. Aged debt leads require a low investment and a little more leg work.

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