Aged Leads For Sale

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Aged Leads

Buying aged leads is a great way to market your services and products VIA email or phone. Aged lead data has many used and using aged mortgage leads is a great way to find hidden Refinance deals. Since aged mortgage leads can be sorted by credit rating they also make a great marketing list for credit repair and other services.

Aged mortgage leads and aged leads are normally sold in batches of 100 or more leads and can be anywhere from 7 days old to 1 year old. Most aged lead brokers prices their leads based off of age of lead and how many leads you buy. In most cases you can select the age of lead you want and what states the leads reside in. If you only do business is lets say VA and NC, you can order aged mortgage leads from these states only. The more filters you add to your lead order, the higher the price per lead might be. You can expect to pay anywhere from 10 Cents a leads up to $2.00 per lead for aged leads depending on how many leads and how old of leads you order.

Aged leads work – buying aged mortgage leads is easy!

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